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technicolor detail
fragments of my love
4th-Nov-2012 10:49 pm
Title: Richard
Masterpost: We're All Part of a Chemical Equation
Characters/Pairing: Gerard Way/Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, Mikey Way, Brendon Urie, Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Mark Pellegrino, Samantha Ferris, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Traci Dinwiddie, Robert Wisdom, Kate Cassidy, Richard Speight Jr., Alona Tal, Lauren Cohan, Chad Lindberg, Kurt Fuller, Rob Benedict, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Samantha Smith, Lindsey McKeon, Matt Cohen, James Patrick Stuart
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3275 (this chapter), ~50K and counting for entire series.
Warnings: Frerard, slash,cursing, hurt/comfort, angst, war, violence, mentions of rape, science fiction, war, discrimination
Notes: Futuristic fic, MCR, band slash, Supernatural RPF
Disclaimer: The lovely boys (ex/current members) of My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco do not belong to me. Neither do the cast of Supernatural...no matter how much I want them to. Scientific information in this story is based on 50% fact and 50% imagination.
Summary: Frank has a chat with his best friend.

frankcmind frankcmind.jpg
Monday, May 16th, 2112

Frank tapped his Fitch as he lay languidly in bed, his head on his pillow and his feet stretched out in front of him.

“Playlist,” he murmured.

The Fitch projected a small screen in mid-air in front of him. Frank reached out and began to scroll through his playlist. He clicked an album at random, and the room began to fill with music.

“Mattie, set up the Workstation for me, will you?”

Mattie twittered in affirmation as he hopped onto Frank’s table and picked up a tiny tablet. He held it in his beak as he flew towards Frank’s stomach. He dropped the tablet on Frank’s stomach before tapping it with his beak.

The tablet rose in mid-air, spinning as it grew larger, expanding in size to become a flat piece of glass. It hovered in midair, adjusting its angle so that Frank could view it comfortably while lying down on his bed. Mattie hopped closer to Frank, nuzzling his neck. Frank stroked Mattie’s head tenderly and Mattie cooed in response before shifting himself to cuddle closer against Frank’s neck. He tucked his beak into the feathers on his back and settled down to snooze on Frank’s pillow.

Frank placed both his palms flat on the glass that was still hovering in mid-air. The initially obsidian glass flashed a vivid blue and began to hum softly as his Workstation recognized his identity. He logged onto Sunset, noting that it was 10p.m which meant it was 12p.m over at Australia, which was 14 hours ahead of Toronto. He waited for Richard to log onto Sunset and call him. Richard, who was a year older than Frank, had graduated from UoM with a BSc. in Business Administration a year ago, choosing not to continue on to his Honors year, instead going overseas to Sydney to work in the Australian branch of his father’s company.

Frank missed his best friend. Having your best friend 15,000 miles away and in an entirely different time zone sucked, especially when you had something you wanted to tell him. They managed to make things work though, using Sunset to stay in contact. Frank met Richard online at 10p.m. almost every single day, and Richard would use his lunch hour to talk to Frank. The amount of effort that Richard put in to keep in contact with Frank amazed him. He had been devastated when Richard had left for Australia, convinced that he would lose the best friend and elder brother that he never had to the distance. However, Richard had sworn that he would not let it fuck up their relationship, and so far, things had been pretty alright. Although Frank missed hanging out and going to places with his best friend, talking to him almost every day made it all better.

His Workstation pinged softly, and Frank grinned as a little window popped up on his screen.

I’m abso-fucking-lutely awesome has just logged in.

Frank opened the Sunset application, clicked on his friend’s account to open a chat box and began to type on the screen.

Thank you for the venom: Hey, free to talk?

I’m abso-fucking-lutely awesome: I’ve had a fucking shitty day. I’m starving. I’m gonna go get lunch first. Be back in a few?

Thank you for the venom: Yea, sure. Take your time.

I’m abso-fucking-lutely awesome: Laters, baby <3<3<3

Frank rolled his eyes, but the sides of his lips twitched into a smirk. Richard could be such an asshole sometimes. He knew that Richard would take some time to get his lunch and probably won't reply him any time soon, but he began typing a question anyway.

Thank you for the venom: What happened? Did Michael give you shit again?

Fifteen minutes later, his Workstation went off, Richard’s voice filling the room, “Ring ring, pick up the call, Frankie!! Don’t keep me waiting, darling!”, followed by the sound of wet kisses. Frank sat up from his bed, leaning back against his wall as he peered at his Workstation.

I’m abso-fucking-lutely awesome is calling

Frank picked up the call. His Workstation, which had been hovering in mid-air, flattened itself horizontally and projected an image above it.

“Michael was an asshole today.” Richard’s face popped into view as he complained loudly. From the image, Frank could tell that Richard was seated in his office, leaning back in the chair behind his office table as he chewed on a chocolate bar. “Fucking bastard chided me in front of the Board of Directors, saying that I wasn’t taking the company seriously!”

“Hello Richard. It’s so nice to see you too, Richard. My day was fine, thank you very much. How was your day?” Frank asked sarcastically.

Richard continued speaking, ignoring Frank.

“… In front of the Board of Directors! I’m his fucking brother!” Richard sputtered as he waved his chocolate bar indignantly in the air. “Godammit I was tired alright, I had a late night working on the fucking proposal for the collaboration with Singapore Axis… I can’t help it if I fall asleep during such a boring meeting!”

Frank raised an incredulous eyebrow at Richard.

“You fell asleep.”

Richard scowled at him.

“During an important Board of Directors meeting.”

Frank barely managed to hide a grin as Richard’s scowl grew more impressive.

“Hey, considering that I only had an hour of sleep after working my ass off for that proposal, the fact that I showed up at all for that meeting shows that I’m taking the company very seriously.”

“I bet you fell asleep while Michael was talking.”

“Can you blame me for that? You’ve met my boring and pissy asshole of a brother; you know what he’s like.” Richard protested. He lowered his voice, schooled his expression into a constipated looking one and mimicked the stiff, monotonous and stately way Michael spoke, “The collaboration with Singapore Axis is very important and we must put in great effort to ensure that all goes well for the sake of the company.”

Frank snickered loudly. Richard did an excellent impression of Michael.

“You sure you were up late because of the proposal?”

Richard snapped out of his Michael impersonation, smirked, and winked at Frank.

“Well… there was this chick who took up the rest of my night…”

Frank rolled his eyes at Richard.

“You’re a hopeless case, dude.”

“She was flexible alright…” Richard said dreamily. Frank raised an eyebrow at him again. “Damn she had the tightest…” Richard made a gesture that was almost rude.

“Stop. Dude. TMI. ” Frank protested. “I don’t want to know.” He pointed to himself. “Gay, remember? Not interested in the description of the the female anatomy.”

Richard snorted in response, flicking a hand through his brown hair, smoothing it back.

“Your loss. Never can understand why you prefer dudes.”

He popped the last bite of his chocolate bar into his mouth and tossed the wrapper out of sight, before reaching for another.

Frank eyed Richard’s second chocolate bar warily. “Please don’t tell me that that’s your lunch, Richard.”

“Nope, it’s not my lunch.” Richard grinned widely, revealing chewed up chocolate in his mouth and brown bits stuck on his teeth.

“Ew, gross,” Frank glared at the disgusting sight.

“It’s my breakfast and lunch,” Richard continued cheekily.

“That can’t be healthy! I swear you’re going to get diabetes soon,” Frank complained. “And when you have to get your leg amputated or something, I’m going to rub it in your face and say, ‘I told you so.’ ”

“Awwww… you’re worried about me. I never knew you cared so much. This is such an epic love story! We’re gonna make awesome babies.” Richard batted his eyelashes at Frank coyly.

“That’s just… revolting.” Frank shuddered. “Stop it; you’re making my hair stand on end.”

Richard smirked, his brown eyes twinkling mischievously as he leaned forward in his seat to make kissy-faces at Frank.

“Don’t worry Frankie, I’ll be fine. I love you too!” Richard blew a kiss at Frank. Frank pulled a martyred face.

“I’m going to fucking punch you again the next time I see you,” Frank threatened.

“Empty threats, empty threats!” Richard sing-songed as he tossed the chocolate wrapper behind him again. “Every time you see me, the first thing you do, kiddo, is to hug the fucking daylights out of me. Not to mention you haven’t managed to land a single punch on me after that first time.”

Frank rolled his eyes.

Richard and Frank had met in high school. Richard was a fun loving, obnoxiously loud and crazy individual who played pranks on everyone – in particular, the outcasts of the school. He had been part of the popular crowd whereas Frank had been part of the outcasts, and was the target of most of Richard’s pranks.

It had been that kind of age when stupidity reigned over sense, and Richard’s pranks could be over the line and downright cruel sometimes. After a particularly nasty prank that resulted in Frank being stuck in one of the school lockers overnight, Frank had stalked up to Richard in the cafeteria the next day, furious and trembling with anger. Without even thinking about it, Frank had punched Richard right in the face in front of the whole school. Richard had staggered back with the force of the punch, looking a little dazed as he clutched his cheek, which began to swell rapidly. There had been dead silence in the cafeteria and the whole school watched on in bated breath. The rest of the “popular crowd” who hung around Richard had been taken aback, and all eyes were fixed on Richard as they waited for his response.

For a long, horrendous moment, Frank thought that his life in high school was officially over. He squeezed his eyes shut and waited for the aftermath of his actions.

Frank would never forget what happened next.

Richard had burst out into laughter, hooting wildly. He smacked Frank firmly on the back, startling him.

“You’ve got a mean right hook! I promise you Iero, that’s the last time you’ll ever hit me. I hope you remember that!” Chortling, Richard had walked away, leaving the rest of his usual group of friends bewildered, eyes roving between Frank and Richard as they tried to make sense of the situation.

After that, the pranks stopped – well, Richard did continue to play pranks on other people, but he did not touch Frank again. Frank would have been grateful that Richard was leaving him alone if not for the fact that he feared that Richard had something extremely horrible in store for him (Last time he'll ever hit Richard? That sounded terribly ominous - at least, to Frank). What fuelled his paranoia was the fact that Richard started acting perfectly… dare he even think it… nice to him.

The first day after Frank punched Richard in the face, Richard had greeted him with a nod of the head as he passed him in the halls.


Frank had been so taken aback that he had dropped his books on the floor.

Richard did not say anything else. He merely smirked and bent down to help Frank pick up his books. He then shoved the books into Frank’s arms before giving Frank a little salute with his fingers and walking away. Richard’s friends looked extremely perplexed as they observed this exchange between the two of them.

Frank had been stunned.

For the first time, there were no sarcastic comments. No insults whatsoever.

Richard Speight did not do nice. Not now, not ever.

Or so Frank thought.

For one whole month, Frank walked on tenterhooks, fearing retribution from Richard. As the weeks past, Frank slowly got used to the fact that Richard Speight was acknowledging his presence, but generally leaving him alone. And he was glad about that.

Then things suddenly got much, much worse.

Richard started talking to him.

He would wander over from his table in the cafeteria during lunch, away from the “popular crowd” to where Frank would be sitting alone. Richard would sit opposite Frank and engage him in conversation, occasionally pinching French fries or cookies from Frank's lunchtray and ignoring the confused looks from his own group of friends.

What was Richard Speight doing, hanging out with a loser like Frank?

Frank was baffled too, and on edge every time Richard talked to him. When Richard had given him a friendly punch on the shoulder after telling Frank a joke one day, Frank had flinched so hard that Richard had shot him a hurt and confused look. The fact that Richard’s expression look so genuinely pained made Frank blurt out, “What the hell do you want with me, Speight? Stop fucking with me and get to the point! I’ve had enough of your motherfucking games!”

Richard had merely raised his eyebrows in response, his confounded expression clearing in seconds. He had instantly understood the reason behind Frank’s unease.

“I don’t have any hidden agendas, Iero. I merely want to be your friend.”

“Why me? You have lots of friends!” Frank gestured to the “popular crowd”.

Richard shrugged in response.

“You’re the only one who dares to stand up to me. Everyone else just puts up with my bullshit, but you’re different. I want a friend who can tell me when I’ve gone wrong and call me on my bullshit. Is that so hard to understand?”

The expression on Richard’s face looked so honest and sincere that Frank began to think that he may have been wrong about Richard’s intentions towards him after all.

Although Frank was never really accepted into the “popular crowd” – not that he was ever interested in being part of them – he gradually became grateful that Richard befriended him, because it meant that the popular kids left him alone and did not pick on him. However, what was more important was that Richard became his best friend, and now Frank couldn’t imagine a day without his friendship.

“It sucks that you’re so far away, Richard.” Frank said softly.

At Frank’s melancholic tone, Richard appeared to sober up.

“I know,” he nodded, agreeing. Then he brightened up again. “I promise I’ll be back for your graduation ceremony though.”

Frank scowled. “That’s a whole fucking year away!”

“Sorry, kiddo, but I don’t think I can step away from the company any time soon.” Richard looked regretful. “Michael wants me on a couple of projects. They'll require my full attention and this year’s gonna be critical. I gotta make sure things run smoothly.”

Frank sighed, but shrugged. “I guess work’s more important than me.” His tone, although still melancholic, took on a slightly teasing tilt.

Richard grinned, recognizing Frank’s playful expression.

“Aww baby, you’ll be fine without me.” He blew Frank a loud kiss. He picked up his third chocolate bar, peeling away the wrapper. “How was your day, anyway?”

Frank grimaced.

“Damn Richard, you’ll never believe what happened…” He proceeded to tell Richard about his conversation with Professor Gerard Way.

“Fuck, you really get into all kinds of trouble without me!” Richard exclaimed out loud after listening to Frank’s account. "I can't believe you were so careless as to let yourself get distracted by Pretty Boy!"

Frank winced at Richard's comment, but did not protest - it was kind of true anyway.

“Tell me about it…” Frank sighed, rubbing his forehead worriedly.

“What do you think? Is this guy going to get you into trouble?” Richard asked anxiously, leaning forward in his office chair, his third chocolate bar forgotten. “I can help, you know. I can fly back now. The conversation between the two of you could have never happened.”

Frank hesitated. Richard had a unique gift – he was one of those rare Powers who could alter memories or take them away. The usage of this gift was highly illegal (only done by Powers who were officially licensed). Modifiers, as they were called, were also closely monitored by the Seniorum Concilium. It was a reason why Richard never flaunted his gift, and Frank only knew about it because Richard had taken him into confidence. Richard never used his gift unless it was absolutely necessary and only with the consent of the owner of the memories. The last time Richard used his gift had been after Frank had begged Richard for days to help a female schoolmate who had been attacked by an Osore and been brutally raped and beaten. Richard had been reluctant because even though memories could be altered, the emotions and scars left behind by the attack would never be erased. In addition, memory alteration was an imprecise and delicate art, and if done inappropriately could lead to brain damage. Even the best of Powers could not ensure that after the process of memory alteration, the owner of those memories would remain healthy and sane. There had been reports of people undergoing memory alterations who had ultimately gone mad because of the residual emotions that remained. Some ended up perpetually wondering why they were feeling certain bouts of emotions at odd times. Those who dwelled on it were never able to move on, and gradually drove themselves insane.

After obtaining the consent of the girl and swearing her to secrecy about Richard’s gift, Richard had given in –he left enough memories for her to know that she had been attacked – but took away most of the details so that she would not dwell too much on it and be able to move on and live in peace. Memory alteration was really quite a gray area – fucking with someone’s mind was never right, even if it was done for the good of the individual. In fact, even though Frank was relieved to know that his schoolmate was now happier and moving on with her life, he sometimes wondered whether it had been right for them to do it. However, when he remembered watching the once cheerful and bubbly girl suffer under the burden of her attack, Frank simply accepted that what they had done had been for the best.

The fact that even though Richard disliked using his gift but was willing to use it to protect Frank warmed Frank’s heart. Richard really acted like a protective big brother sometimes.

“I… I don’t think so, Richard. Professor Way seems reliable. Besides, he told me he had a brother who was a Multiple.”

Richard wrinkled his nose in thought.

“Are you sure? You’re too trusting, Frank. I don’t think it’s a good thing that you’re so willing to believe Pretty Boy.” Richard laced his fingers together, fixing Frank with a contemplative look. “I don’t know whether I should say that you’re incredibly naïve or stupid.”

Frank thought about Professor Way, remembering the earnest and honest expression on his face when he promised to keep Frank’s secret for him. He sighed loudly.

“I don’t know, Richard. But my instincts tell me that he’s alright.”

Richard leaned back in his seat.

“Alright. It’s your decision. Don’t let Pretty Boy fool you though. Any sign that he’s going to betray your confidence and you call me right away, capisci?” He said sternly.

“I will. Thanks, Richard."

(The Seniorum Concilium)   
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